INSPIRE PORTAL - Road Transportation Network of the Slovak Republic
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INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) is a European Comission iniciative. The European Commision and Council directive entered into the force on14th March 2007. It represents legislative framework to create, formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate community policies at all levels and provide public information in the field of spatial data.

The Directive was transposed into Slovak legislation as Act no. 3/2010 Col. of the national infrastructure and spatial information (NIPI) which is effective as of 1st February 2010. Under the Act of NIPI 3/2010 responsibilities are being defined to the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic which coordinates and monitores the establishment and usage of NIPI.

Slovak Road Administration is an organisation responsible for road transport network (The Act no. 3/2010, Annex 1, spatial information theme I)
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